Karen Black (Men, Mascara, The Great Gatsby,
Conceiving Ada)
Carmine Giovinazzo (For the Love of the Game, Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss)
Justin Luois (Trinity, Outer Limits, Millennium)
Richard Portnow (Private Parts, Sopranos, Ghost
Dog, The Way of the Samurai)

In a search of his own identity, eighteen year old Frankie Romano gets involved in a foolish scheme that could ultimately cost him his life. His older brother Duke tries desperately to save him, while simultaneously struggling with the past betrayal that stands between them. An alcoholic mother, a beaten ex-cop, a self ordained gangster, and Frankie's screwball friends round out this edgy, visually stylized drama, laced with dark comic touches and based on a true story. In the tradition of "Good Fellas" and "King Of New York", Fallen Arches will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Winner of several major film festivals and a successful limited theatrical release in the US, Fallen Arches is a psychological thriller that walks the line between satire and reality. It explodes the complexity of sibling rivalry and betrayal, and the naiveté of urban American youth.
Nicky Kaplan was a classic 1940's Chicago movie mobster. The stylish clothes, the private clubs, the blonde moll, and the ruthless henchmen was just part of everyday life. Nicky now lives in Los Angeles, 1998, with a chip on his shoulder and the memory of
the past glory days.